What Is Great Lakes Public Adjusting?

As licensed public adjusters, we ensure policy holders are treated and compensated fairly by their insurance company. Public adjusters help people handle their claims after a property loss like a fire, storm, flood, hail, tornado, sewage, pipe leak or structural collapse.

Be assured, an insurance company’s adjuster or an “independent adjuster” is paid by and represents the insurance company.

storm damage

How We Help You?

As professionally trained, licensed and bonded public adjusters in the state of Minnesota, we help people with their property damage claims by gathering the pertinent information required by the insurance company to fully realize the value of the damages.

We compile a complete inventory of all affected assets and file the necessary paperwork. Then we conduct financial negotiations with the insurance company’s adjuster and assist with inspections and helping clients through the appraisal process.

tornado damage

Why Choose Great Lakes Public Adjusting?

  1. We know insurance policies. Insurance policies are written by industry executives to be virtually impossible to read or understand by the layperson. Claims adjusters that work for the insurance companies are trained in policy coverage, yet even they sometimes do not explain your policy coverage correctly. This is where we come in.
  1. We know the claims process. The claims process is complicated to navigate properly, especially after a devastating fire, tornado, or hail storm. The insurance company requires you to complete a myriad of forms and provide much detailed information, often without a clear explanation as to why and how doing it wrong can lower your recovery dollars. We guide you through the process, the paperwork, and can help you recover the money you deserve.
  1. We have the technology. Our proprietary software will estimate the cost of repairs, price your lost and damaged items, calculate your additional living expenses and document your lost business income and other related expenses. The information is printed in the format required by your insurance company to be accurately filed for approval.
flood damage
  1. We have experience negotiating insurance claims. You need someone who is not emotionally involved to represent you. We are skilled and experienced negotiators ready to fight for every dollar you are owed. If you and your insurance company cannot agree on how much you are owed, we can help you get the dispute resolved out-of-court through our proven appraisal process. Our public adjusters will reach a final, binding resolution under your policy’s terms in a timely manner.
  1. There is no up-front cost to you. At Great Lakes Public Adjusting we do not get paid unless you do. The standard fee for public adjusting services is a small percentage of the amount recovered from the insurance company.
fire damage